Consulting Services Available

Enabling Business Success through Quality System Control and Regulatory Compliance for the Medical Device Industry

Here is a listing of contract services provided by Ron.  While his work specializes in medical device applications, his skill set and capabilities cross over well to other industries.


  • Establish a robust design control process to assure that customer needs have been accurately translated into technical requirements (design inputs), verified and validated and converted to design outputs
  • Provide guidance in the establishment of a design history file and device master record
  • Facilitate the establishment of an effective change management process
  • Ensure that proper controls have been established when working with contract manufacturing organizations


  • Perform independent, internal audits for organizations who require independent auditors.
  • Perform product, process and quality system audits to assure compliance with an organizations quality system, external standards and regulations
  • Provide auditor training
  • Provide simulated FDA QSIT inspections
  • Specializing in FDA Quality System Regulations, ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), and ISO 14971 (Risk Management) audits


  • Implement and establish a stage(phase)-gated product development processes
  • Facilitate the identification of business critical work streams and deliverables to ensure that regulatory and business requirements are met


  • Facilitate the creation, organization and implementation of project plans to ensure that appropriate records are created, maintained and available for regulatory filing
  • Provide a system to ensure that project deliverables are synchronized to project tasks


  • Provide data analysis of critical-to-quality indicators, using statistical methods and techniques to identify, control and reduce unacceptable variation in manufacturing operations
  • Facilitate the establishment of product specifications, so that both the customer and the supplier are assured of the outcome
  • Establish statistical process control monitoring and process capability analysis
  • Facilitate problem solving using statistical tools and methods
  • Apply Cost of Quality principles to ensure that costs related to failures (internal and external) are identified, reduced and potentially eliminated


  • Provide and establish critical quality systems procedures, as needed, to facilitate timely and cost-effective product development and commercialization
  • Assure that established quality systems comply with business appropriate regulations and standards


  • Contract auditor for DEKRA Business Assurance, for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system certifications
  • Perform quality system certification pre-assessment
  • Facilitate quality system certification with notified body, including selection of registrar


  • Set-up and maintain a records management system, as required, to meet business needs
  • Provide document control administration


  • Assure that quality systems and project deliverables comply with business appropriate regulations and standards
  • Facilitate the management of the control of documents of external origin
  • Assure product design complies with regulatory submission requirements


  • Assure that risk management requirements have been effectively established within an organizations quality system
  • Oversee and manage risk management activities for a specific product under development, including facilitating the identification of potential hazard and failure modes, and managing risk mitigation and reduction activities


  • Assist in the selection and qualification of critical suppliers
  • Facilitate development of quality agreements with key suppliers
  • Establish a supplier quality assurance and monitoring program


  • Provide training in all aspects of quality management systems
  • Provide ASQ certification training

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