Hello and Welcome!

Dear Visitor:

Hello and welcome to my site, Innovative Quality Consulting.  The intent of this site is, initially, three-fold:

#1:  First, to present to you my experiences helping businesses developing, commercializing and maintaining complex medical devices.

#2:  Second, to share with you with a listing of contract services I am qualified to provide as a private consultant.

#3:  Third, to keep things current and lively, provide a forum for you and me to exchange ideas on the subject of quality.   You will see articles on various topics, such as, what is a quality engineer and what do they do, risk management, integrating design controls in a concept to commercialization product development process, and more.

Quality is one of those words that evokes a variety of feelings and attitudes to different.   Such as, “quality … I know it when I see it”, and “quality and the 50 mile stare” (more on that in an upcoming blog).

Again, thank you for visiting.   Come back often.

Please take a few minutes to view my site.   All comments are welcomed!

Ron Makar

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